I took my 2014 Honda Accord to Frost for an estimate after having an accident that significantly damaged the entire driver’s side of the car. I was impressed from the very beginning by Kim and Pete and their professionalism. This was an out of pocket expense for me and Pete managed to beat the estimate by several hundred dollars and had it ready earlier than promised. He did an amazing job and I couldn’t be more pleased! I highly recommend Frost Auto Care for skilled work, fair pricing, and excellent service!
Carl Smallwood
August 2022
Frost Auto Care is the best! They treat you like family and are so nice and respectful and do an outstanding job! 100%satisfaction always! Gary
Gary Zika
August 2022
These guys went above and beyond to figure out why my a/c wasn’t working! They trouble shot it and were not happy with the answer only to figure out it was something totally different then what they first thought! Great pricing and great work! I will be using them again!
Curt Romdenne
August 2022
I needed a quick turnaround and he accommodated me. 24 hr turnaround was great. They did good work on removing rust in order for me to get a windshield installed. Thank you. When other places said they didn’t work with antique vehicles (didn’t even want to see the 89 Porsche 944S2), he was eager for the challenge and did great works! I definitely recommend. The place was definitely hidden away in the area, but I found it. Thanks again. I will be back for other work to my antique.
Terrell Grooms
August 2022
On March 31st of this year a 40ft. tall tree from my neighbor’s yard came crashing down on my property landing dead-center on the roof of my 2010, 4WD, Toyota FJ Cruiser, taking out the roof, the windshield and miscellaneous other damage. The insurance classified the damage as a “total loss.” Being one of those who rolls when punched, I retained ownership . . . bought it back from insurance company . . . collected the remainder of the payout and then went looking for that miracle worker who was going to replace the Cruiser’s roof and get us back on the road. That is how I found myself at Frost Auto Care, a jack-of-all-trades repair shop that does everything from fixing a flat to, now, replacing a roof on an FJ Cruiser. If you just want a first-class paint job, they’ll do that too. When I approached them with what I needed, Owner/Operator Pete Frost and his wife Kim didn’t flinch. “That’s what we do,” said Pete. I asked though, “Have you ever replaced a roof on a vehicle?” “No,” said Pete, “but that’s what we do.” And they did, and I could not be happier. With the present supply chain problems there was not even one, new Toyota roof panel in the country and Toyota had no idea when there would be any. After much searching it turned-out that there may have been only one used panel in the entire nation, and that now sits on my Cruiser. So once the parts were lined up, Pete and his crew got to work and knocked it out in short order. As the owner I can tell you that to my eyes I can see no difference between the Cruiser as it was originally made by Toyota-Japan, and how it looks now. But you be the judge when you look at the photos I’ve attached. And if you need some first-rate bodywork or a restoration done, call Kim Frost at Frost Auto Care, and she’ll be happy to introduce you to her husband, Pete. A fine young couple originally from Long Island, New York, now doing miracles in Palmetto.
K. A. Davison
July 2022
I needed a fender flare painted and installed. Took my piece to another auto body shop and after 13 weeks still no paint. I stopped by Frost just to see if they would paint it and they said sure no problem. I went and picked up the fender flare and delivered it to Frost the same day. 2 days later Kim called, said it was ready, so I went, and they installed it right away. Great job, reasonable price, super nice and professional people. Highly recommend
Robert Teates Jr
July 2022
Hello my first adventure to Frost Auto care was awesome, being a senior citizen its hard to find someone you can trust with your automobile well let me tell you Take it to Frost Auto and let Pete take care of your problems. Pete & staff make you feel right at home right off the bat , Pete also just fixes the problem with no hidden cost . I highly recommend Frost Auto care for all your automobile needs.
Ivan Muncy
June 2022
I was in an accident and it was recommended to bring my car to frost auto to confirm it was totaled. Pete and Kim went above and beyond to help me through the entire process. Fighting with insurance is not a fun experience in any way. I am 20 years old and this is my first accident I have ever been in. I probably called them WAY too much over the course of 2 months and they were always happy to help me and ease my mind. I could never imagine an auto shop would be so caring and genuine but this shop has blown my mind with everything they did for me. Once everything was wrapped up they even went out of their way to navigate me through selling my car. I cannot thank the two of you enough for everything and if a garbage truck hits me again, I know who I will be bringing my car to😊
Gracie Coyne
June 2022
I went to Pete with an install on a truck I recently purchased. He was able to immediately lay out a detailed plan of what was required, the working time to finish the job, and the cost. To say the very least, he and his crew are knowledgeable, consummate professionals and are a pleasure to work with.
Jr Yang
May 2022
I have a 2014 Ram 1500 that needed some paint repair. Clear coat was bubbling and beginning to fade from the florida sun and age in multiple places. The Frost Auto Care team brought my truck back to life with fresh paint making it look brand new now. Very happy with the whole experience. If I need any repairs in the future I will be coming back. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Spencer Baker
April 2022